Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Just Do It!

It's time to get serious about this quilting thing!  The last week I have managed to get a couple of hours each day in the sewing room and today I was in there 9am on the dot!  All of this has paid off as I finally finished the Geisha quilt today.  The centre panel is from a Lonni Rossi pattern.

I even had time today to start on a new quilt:

Dark squares

Light squares
Whoops!  Just noticed a boo boo in the light squares.  Guess I will be starting my day tomorrow unpicking the mistake. 

Anyway for those of you who are surprised that I would be making something so traditional.... never fear, it won't stay that way!  Hint: I will be trying out my circle maker on my sewing machine.

My "Marina Bay Bridge" quilt is currently in NZ and has  been entered into the Wellington Quilters Guild exhibition which is on at the St Patricks College in Kilbirnie from 1-10 Oct. How exciting!

Marina Bay Bridge
Tonight I will be talking to my friend Hennie on Skype to try and decide what classes we will be doing at the Houston Quilt Festival.  The only problem is that there is so much to choose from!

Well thats all from me...happy quilting

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