Friday, 30 March 2012

And here they are....


These are todays hand dyes:

Tie dyeing

I have still got dye left over from the last couple of days dyeing and so this morning I googled how to do regular tie dyeing.

There are two Kelly green/golden yellow spirals and one fushia/grape spiral.

 And one pleated and folded piece in fushia/grape and golden yellow

The pieces are now washing and I cant wait to show them to you!!!!

Still no success  in finding soda ash,washing soda or sodium carbonate whatever you wish to call it.  I have tried the pool supplies place but they only have 25kg bags.  It seemed a little overkill!

I even went to Mustafa - the shop that has everything.... which it does..... just not washing soda.

Maybe I will just have to go and order it from Dharma.

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Loving the Shibori Dyeing!

Yes Folks there is more Shibori dyeing....

Blue fabric with Grape dye
White fabric with grape dye and red/purple dye
Blue fabric with Golden Yellow dye

Green fabric with Golden Yellow dye
 Then it's on to the rusted fabric that was prepared two weeks ago and dyed today....
Fushia, Grape, Kelly Green and Golden Yellow
Fushia, Grape, Kelly Green and Golden Yellow 
Detail of rust on fabric
Fushia, Grape, Kelly Green and Golden Yellow 
Now I just need to find somewhere to buy Soda Ash in Singapore....

Time for some more rusting again.....

Happy Quilting

Shibori Dyeing

After a week long family holiday in beautiful Vietnam, it was great to get back into dyeing some fabrics.  I had been given a plastic pvc pipe from the maintenance man at school and was ready to do some shibori dyeing.  (I think he must have thought I was a little mad asking for pvc pipe and rusty things!)

Wrap fabric around pipe together with  twine and scrunch to the end

Soak in Soda ash then paint on purple dye

Finished orange/purple

Finished white/purple
There is still more purple dye left so today I will be doing another batch.  Absolutely LOVE this technique and the results!

I was delighted at getting a pvc pipe from school and then yesterday I noticed the words on it.....

"Sewer Pipe"  Hmmmm.......

Friday, 16 March 2012

Rusted Fabric

Yesterday I tried my hand at "rusting" fabric.

This fabric was rusted using rusty pan scouring pads.
Soak your fabric in a mixture of 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar and wrap rusty items inside.  Either put into a plastic ziplock bag or wrap in plastic.  Leave for about 24 hours depending on the colour you require.

Once you are happy with the result, soak in a bucket of salty water for about 1/2 an hour before washing.

I think I will be doing a few more of these as I have just found a fantastic rusty drain cover in my garden!  I have also been given some rusty wire by the school maintenance man.

Next week some of these will be overdyed and then it is off to try some more discharging and some more shibori.

Happy Quilting!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Celebrating Mothers!

With Mothers Day just around the corner, I have been busy making Mothers Day Cards:

All cards available at My Etsy shop:

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Jam Packed day 2

Here is a photo of the fabrics that I dyed yesterday.  Someone mentioned to me a while ago that the last batch of dyed fabrics had less "texture" so this time I made sure that these have more texture.  60 fat quarters in all!

I have also been busy making more fabric postcards.  I have made several with the puppies in sneakers but they are going out the door faster than I can make them!

I have also been making cards for Mothers Day which is just around the corner.  These too are disappearing faster than I can make them.

I guess that is a good problem to have!!!

Here are some of  todays creations:

Yes there are more but seeing my camera is "winging" it's way to Cambodia today I have to make do with taking photos on my phone.

Check out my etsy shop for more:

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Jam packed day

Today was jam packed with lots of "playing" with fabric and dyes

I made another of the "dogs in sneakers" postcards and also a "party on the beach" postcard:

I also dyed 60 fat quarters but they are still washing so a photo will follow tomorrow!

Time to catch up on the Free Motion Quilting challenge tomorrow!!

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Dogs in sneakers!

Its been a while since I've done much sewing so it was really nice to head into the sewing room yesterday.

This is one of three postcards I made and two of them were snapped up today!

Aren't these dogs just really cute!!!

Till next time...
Happy Quilting

p.s My quilts are still hanging at "The Loft Cafe" on South Bridge Road so come and have a great coffee and/or some waffles and check out the quilts.