Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Back home again

We have spent the last 5 weeks in Holland on holiday and had a great time.  Summer is just beautiful in Holland especially when you can bike a lot of places.  We spent a lot of time visiting family but also spent a week in Belgium and took the kids to Disneyland in France. Ate really yummy Belgium waffles!!

Holidays can be exhausting and so it was nice to get back to Singapore and into our old "groove".
I have started on a new "quilt as you go" quilt.  Sorry I cant show you photos as my camera is currently in Thailand .  I will try and post some photos later.

Today I got to go to the ANZA quilt group and it was great catching up with friends and new friends as well as our new baby to the group.

I have to say that I really missed sewing while I was away....not that I am addicted or anything!