Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Moving House

This is what my living room looked like yesterday morning mid shift.

The removers were wonderful and packed everything in just over a day.  There wasnt much for us to do other than to try and stay out of the way!

It is nice being in the new house with lots more room - including a sewing room for me...yippee!

Today my friends Hennie and Inneke came to help me unpack.  Wow do I REALLY have that much stuff! and where did it all come from?  Thankfully many hands make light work it was all done in a jiffy!

Brooke has not yet seen her room as she is in India on a school trip.  It will be quite an experience for them being in India, the culture, the people and the food!  I cant wait to hear how she found the trip.  Its her birthday on Saturday so she wont be home for that but Im sure we can have a party for her once she is back and recovered.

I am looking forward to getting into my sewing room once all the dust has settled with the house moving.

Watch this space!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

update horse quilt

Here is a quick update on the horse quilt.

  It has been ironed to the background fabric and batting and backing added.  I have started quilting it but it has had to go on the backburner as we have two of the kids birthdays coming up, and my husbands birthday and we are moving house.

Plenty of things to keep me busy...Thankfully I will get my own sewing room in the new house so no more sewing in the living room. Yeah!

Till next time

Happy Quilting