Sunday, 24 November 2013

Welcome to the American Club Christmas Fair!

Jokamamo Textiles will be at :

lace box
American Club Xmas Fair
26 & 27 November 2013

Come along and check out all our hand crafted items made right here in Singapore  by us.

Baby Bibs, Burp Cloths, Onesies and Zipper Pouches, Hand crafted Modern Quilts, Hand Dyed Unique Quilting Fabrics, Camera Straps and Beautiful Lace Christmas Decorations.

Let the front desk know that you are there for the Christmas Fair and there will be someone there to welcome you and bring you upstairs!

See you there!

Marianne Bos and Jessie Moir

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Jokamamo Textiles - Hot News!

Jokamamo Textiles will be at the following Christmas fairs.

Artisan UpMarket @ 22 Dempsey Road
15 & 16 November 2013

The American Club Christmas Fair 
26 & 27 November 2013

Raffles Club Christmas Fair
5 & 6 December 2013

Jesse and I have been working hard to produce some cute items for your little ones as well as hand crafted modern quilts, Quilting fabrics, camera straps and beautiful lace ornaments to adorn your tree this Christmas!

All items designed and hand made by us right here in Singapore!

Please mark these dates in your calender and we would love to see you there!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Open House - Everyone Welcome!

Jokamamo Textiles will be at the Open House (61 Grange Road, Singapore) on Wednesday 9th October from 9am to 4pm

Come in and say hi and check out all the goodies for our little ones!!

See you there

Marianne and Jesse

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Ready for the Fair!

 will be at the Hollandse Club Fair this Friday 27th of September!!

Baby bibs, Burp Cloths, Make-up bags/pencil case, 
Designer Camera Straps,
 Onsies, Hand crafted Quilts, Hand dyed fabrics

Open from 10am to 5 pm at 22 Camden Park, Singapore 299814

The Fair is open to all so bring your friends and family.

See you there!!!

Marianne and Jesse

Monday, 19 August 2013

Shibori Results

Here are some of the results from the shibori that I dyed on Saturday:
The stripes are not bold enough

Love the results with the beads

Loving the texture the pegs give!
 I also folded some more ready to be dyed another colour:
Stitching the triangles

The triangles pulled and bound
Aren't these just sooo cute!!!! These were gifts from two of my quilting buddies - Thanks Alison and Jesse.

Went to Arab street today with Jesse to shop for fabric eat at our favourite Lebanese restaurant and saw a large rat in the restaurant!!  They certainly look much cuter in liberty fabrics!

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Shibori Techniques

This week my kids FINALLY went back to school!!!  I love my kids but 10 weeks of school holidays puts a bit of a damper on any kind of creative expression.....Anyway back to it!!!

This week I am trying out some other shibori techniques, I have been watching you tube videos of how the masters do it in Japan.  If only my fingers were that nimble and quick!

Here a 1/4 metre was folded in half then machine sewn with large basting stitches.  The stitches were then pulled tight.

 This is a fat quarter which has been pleated then machine basted.

 This fat quarter was folded in four and hand basting in a wavy pattern.  The stitches were then gathered.  I have attached a chopstick to one side so that the threads wouldn't come undone and it gave me tension to pull the fabric tight. (sadly one of the rows came undone when the thread broke)  Its not a mistake - just a redesign!

With this piece I have marked two inch by two inch dots, add a bead under each dot and secure with thread.  I am sure the Japanese masters could have this finished in a matter of minutes but I have to be patient and it will take me a while.  I do find it relaxing though.

I hope to do some with clamps as well before I do the dyeing next week. I will post the results next week.

This week I also met the sister of one of my quilting friends and she has just been on a course on natural dyeing.  This is something I have been thinking about as I wonder how environmentally friendly the procion dyes are on the environment.  I would love to hear your thoughts about this.....

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Challenge quilt finished - Opposites attract

Well yesterday was reveal day for the  The challenge was Opposites attract.

Here is my piece:
"Opposites Attract"

detail of quilting


detail red embroidery
I have always loved zentangles and it seemed like the perfect "opposite".  This piece was designed by my daughter Celine (15).  It is machine embroidered, machine quilted, 100%cotton front and back with peltex inner.  No black and white is complete without a dash of red (hand embroidered).

AND it was finished 3 whole days before the deadline!

 Loved making this piece - now onto the next challenge - "the road less travelled".

Today I am doing some more fabric dyeing for my friend Jesse ( who is making this amazing rainbow colour quilt with some of my hand dyes!

This would explain the yellow and blue fingers today!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Ombre and shibori dyeing

I have been trying my hand at some ombre dyeing but with mixed results:

Dip dyeing
The dip Dyeing method was not very successful (above) and it was very time consuming.  I might have to create some sort of pulley system as holding the fabric for 20-30 minutes at each gradient was hard on the arms.
Next I tried laying the fabric out on a piece of black cardboard and sprayed the colour from dark to light on. Unfortunately the black cardboard bled into the fabric.  Hmm I think that is a piece that will have to be overdyed!
Shibori Ombre 1
 Next up was the shibori (pole wrapping) using  fuchsia and diluting the dye as we worked down the fabric.  Very happy with the results and the colours blend nicely without leaving a distinctive line.
Shibori Ombre 2

Shibori Cobalt/Golden Yellow
 Next up: Shibori (pole wrapping) using cobalt and golden yellow.  Still one of my favourites and a best seller! I have 3 of these for sale and will be posting them on etsy soon, or email me if you can't wait that long!

Cobalt gradient
 Lastly the cobalt gradients - I haven't done a set like this in ages but its a good way to build up the stash.

I have also been working on my challenge quilt for the art quilts around the world and will post at the end of the month (don't want to let the cat out of the bag!!!!)

The re-organisation of the sewing room is on going and have finally got the comic book backing boards that I will be folding the fabric on - acid free of course!

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Back to work!!!

The last few weeks have been busy as I have had visitors since the end of May for my daughters high school graduation.
Now that calm has been restored, its time to get back to work and do some dyeing!
Devore cut silk rayon scarf

Shibori - Turquiose and Fushia

I also converted the bedroom back into a sewing room and reorganised it with a lot of help from my friend Jesse:

Thanks Jesse!!!  I hope I can keep it looking this good!!!!

I have been doing more sewing lessons over the holidays and have some really lovely students, sadly one of them is moving back to Australia.  I will miss her and I  hope she will continue sewing.

Well that's it from me - time for ANZA Quilt group.....

Monday, 3 June 2013

"out of Asia" challenge

Yes its been a while since my last post.  Life has become quite hectic as we have house full of guests that came to celebrate our daughters high school graduation.

The sewing room has been converted back to a bedroom and our children have all been shuffled around to make room for grandparents. The sewing machine now sits in the hallway but is still usable.

The screen printing course is on hold until the end of the month but I did manage to finish my "Out of Asia" Challenge today (ok only 3 days late!)

This quilt is based on the shop houses that are at Boat/Clarke Quay in Singapore.  The shop houses are along the Singapore River.  The are very bright and colourful buildings.

The school where I was teaching  kids sewing classes has closed for the summer holidays and won't reopen until mid August but  I have got some new students from other schools as well.  That is the good thing about all the international schools here having different holidays!

More information about the "kids can sew" programme can be found at:

Happy Quilting

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Screenprinting and birthday blocks

I have been busy despite the lack of blogging:

Last Friday I sewed together the blocks that I got from my friends at the ANZA Quilters for my birthday last year.
And I have started my Quilt University course on Screen Printing with Lyric Kinard.  Here are some of my first samples:

Newspaper stencil

Hmm Don't like the bleeding!

Oh Dear!

Freezer paper stencil

More bleeding!

On Paper - even worse!
Hmm think I need to do some more practice!

Will keep you posted!