Sunday, 30 November 2008

Holiday fun

This week was thanksgiving holidays - a new concept for a couple of kiwis in Singapore! This week we made some lovely boxes with the kids and we went and saw the madagascar 2 movie.

On Thursday morning my husband came home from business in India - thankfully he was in Bangalore and not Mumbai! Some of his work collegues also got stranded in Thailand and had to drive 16 hours to catch a plane home. Its quite an eye opener living and travelling in this part of the globe and realising how unstable some of the countries in the area are. Thankfully Singapore is stable although we have already noticed some increased security since Thursday.

On Friday we went ice skating with the kids at the Kallang Leisure centre. It was a really nice rink and the kids had fun even though the two youngest kids cant skate all that well yet. We had some yummy authentic chinese food for lunch.

Today we had a family game day. We played two games of barricade. They both lasted over an hour each game. The battle was fierce, alliances shattered, plenty of thrills and disappointments. In the end the "best man won" - namely my husband and myself. Its just as well our kids are good sports!!! What a great game!
Tomorrow the kids are back at school and no doubt things will be busy with christmas just around the corner. We did some christmas shopping this last week but I still have a whole list of things to get as well as some items for when we go home around christmas time. The kids are sooo looking forward to spending time in NZ and catching up with friends. Im sure that we have all changed since we have been away.
This week I am hoping to get on to my new sewing projects. I will keep you posted!!
Happy quilting

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Little boxes


Today the kids and I made some boxes. I think they look pretty cool and are very easy to make. We made both square and rectangular boxes. It is a great school holiday activity. I will happily give the instructions to anyone who wants them.



Monday, 24 November 2008

Its finished!

Hi everyone

Today I finally finished my friends quilt - the one with the Amy Butler fabrics. The finishing touches on a quilt always seem to take the longest but its such a good feeling when its finally done. The label still needs to be done but my friend is currently in New Zealand on holiday (lucky thing!) and so I will do that once she is back.

Now to decide what to do next- finish my unfinished project or embark on something completely new? Ive been browsing quilting blogs and there are sooo many cool ideas that I would like to try.
The kids and my husband were home today and we took the kids to the movies. We went and saw Madagasca 2. I just love animated movies.
Tomorrow the kids and I will try and make some of those little boxes. They make great gifts.
We put our christmas tree up over the weekend. We werent going to put up a tree this year as we left all our christmas decorations back in NZ. Well the kids persuaded me to buy one and it looks great. I can hardly believe that Christmas is nearly here. Guess I had better get onto the christmas shopping.
Well thats all for now - till next time

Thursday, 20 November 2008

"Little Boxes Thursday, November 13th @ 8:53 AM

Another week has flown by. This week my only offering is that I have been making small fabric boxes with some of my dutch friends. They are really cute and they use up some of my "cutesie" fabrics that I wouldnt necessarily use in my quilts.

My kids loved these and I think I will make some with them during thanksgiving holidays which start next week. Thanksgiving holidays is not something which is celebrated in NZ so its been interesting as it is a big thing at the American International school which my kids attend. It seems almost like an early christmas! (they even eat turkeys etc)
For the rest I have been working on my friends quilt with the Amy Butler fabrics. I only have to add one more part of the border and then I can get on to the quilting. I think I will keep the quilting quite simple as the fabrics are already pretty busy.
Maybe after that I can get on to the UFO's that seem to be buiding up......we will see
until next time
happy quilting

Arab Street Wednesday, November 5th 2008 @ 11:36 AM

Hi everyone

Its been another busy week (aren't they all!) and my quilt for my nephew still hasn't made it out of the cupboard. I suspect that it might be in there for some time yet.
My husband is away and so things seem to be twice as busy with the kids. Anyway today I decided that it was time for some retail therapy and I went fabric shopping with a friend in Arab Street which is renown for its great silk shops. It was also pouring with rain so it was great to duck into all these shops and run our hands over the beautiful silks. (not to mention staying dry) I also learnt the finer art of bargaining (something I have up until now been too scared to try). I found two beautiful pieces of silk and a piece of batik. Im not quite sure what to do with them yet but maybe if I lay them out and look at them for a while the inspiration might hit me!

I think I might leave this one whole and just quilt it and make it into a wall hanging.

I know, I know its pretty bright! This would make great petals for some flowers

Maybe a cushion or a small wall hanging....hmmm not sure.
I would love to hear any suggestions that anyone has.
Ive also added a photo of the quilt I am finishing for a friend. She has used Amy Butler fabrics. She is planning to move back to the States in December so there is a bit of urgency to get it finished. Its very unlike anything I would normally do....but I do like a challenge!

Well thats all I have to say this week.
Happy quilting

Welcome to my blog

Hi and welcome to my blog.

I am a New Zealander living in Singapore with my husband and three children. My passion is quilting or art quilts to be exact. My New Zealand upbringing has strongly influenced my past work (check out my webpage) and now that I'm living in Singapore, I hope that some of the rich culture here will come through in my latest work.

I look forward to hearing from some of you.
regards Marianne

"Chinese King of Hearts"