Monday, 24 November 2008

Its finished!

Hi everyone

Today I finally finished my friends quilt - the one with the Amy Butler fabrics. The finishing touches on a quilt always seem to take the longest but its such a good feeling when its finally done. The label still needs to be done but my friend is currently in New Zealand on holiday (lucky thing!) and so I will do that once she is back.

Now to decide what to do next- finish my unfinished project or embark on something completely new? Ive been browsing quilting blogs and there are sooo many cool ideas that I would like to try.
The kids and my husband were home today and we took the kids to the movies. We went and saw Madagasca 2. I just love animated movies.
Tomorrow the kids and I will try and make some of those little boxes. They make great gifts.
We put our christmas tree up over the weekend. We werent going to put up a tree this year as we left all our christmas decorations back in NZ. Well the kids persuaded me to buy one and it looks great. I can hardly believe that Christmas is nearly here. Guess I had better get onto the christmas shopping.
Well thats all for now - till next time

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