Friday, 8 May 2009

Tree quilt update

Just a quick note to give you all an update on the tree quilt. I finally got a few hours of quilting in this week as well as trying out some of my Jacquard fabric paints. Yeah! They are really lovely to work with.

I have added in the windows on the yellow building by painting and thread as well as the tree branches. Im not completely happy with the drainpipe next to the tree trunk. I think I will repaint this once I have bought some black fabric paint (the pipe is supposed to be grey not the blue colour.) I still have to add the shading around the windows on the blue building and add the leaves.
Im not sure how much work I will get done on this in the next week as the kids have two days off school to mark Vesek Day.

Last week the kids had a day off for Labour day and we went to East Coast Park. There we hired a couple of tandem bikes and went biking. It was great fun but really busy and very hot so we ended up in KFC making the most of the air conditioning. We also went mini golfing (also aircon). They had 18 holes which were all landmarks in Singapore. We had an awesome day together!

Sunday is mothers day and Im looking forward to that. My son (7) tells me he has made something "special" for me but I have to wait until Sunday. (No peeking either!)

Happy Mothers day to all the Mums out there and I wish you all a blessed day.