Thursday, 30 August 2012

sewing classes for kids

Wow! Has it REALLY been that long since I last blogged!

School has been back now for nearly 3 weeks and I don't feel that I have done anything "productive" in the sewing room.  (sewing names into uniforms doesn't count!)

The last two weeks though have been interesting...

Firstly, a quilter called Sue from Canada contacted me and said that she had read the article about me in last months Canadian Quilter and that she was coming to Singapore with her husband.  It was lovely meeting her and she came along twice to our ANZA Quilt group.  We are always delighted to meet other quilters from around the world!  Just drop me a note and let me know when you are coming!

Secondly, one of the new mothers at school is also a quilter and she is just as nuts about fabric and quilting as I am.  (Madness loves company!).  She too has come along to the ANZA Quilt group.

Thirdly, I have started sewing classes at the school.  I had 4 students on Tuesday and 4 today.  They range  from grade 1 to grade 8.  It was soo much fun and I am hoping that they enjoy sewing as much as I am enjoying teaching it.  We are using the kids can sew program.

The sewing machines that I bought in New Zealand last month are great and easy for the children to use.  The speed control button  is especially helpful for those that are "heavy footed"!

Now that life is getting back to normal again, I am hoping to do some more dyeing and make some more postcards for the Singapore Quilt Challenge on 16 October at the British Club.

Watch this space!

Happy Quilting!