Monday, 6 June 2011

Colour Study complete

Yesterday the weather was terrible in Singapore.  Lots and lots of rain and thunder and lightning.  Major flooding in several parts of Singapore...waterfalls in shopping centres etc etc.

And it was a great day to stay home and finish my quilt!

Here at last is the colour study quilt.  This quilt is based on a pattern found in Gloria Loughmans book.

I am really pleased with the quilting in this piece.  Sometimes simple is best.

This was the first time in more than I week that I had time to get behind the sewing machine and I do admit to having had withdrawl symptoms.  Hmm think I'm addicted?!

I have finally managed to set up a flickr account and have loaded all my photos.  Check them out in the side bar.

The kids are finishing the school year tomorrow, (Yeah) and so there will be little time for sewing for a while....I guess I will have to spend the time thinking about  new projects....

Happy quilting!