Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Farewell block for a friend

Yesterday I made a farewell block to one of our friends from the ANZA Quilt Group who is returning to Australia.

It was to be made in greys with some colour:
I finished the block but found it a bit bland so I went to it with some fabric markers....

I hope she likes it!

The best part is that the block is actually square and  measures the required 9 1/2  x 9 1/2 inches.

Quite a feat for me!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Baby clothes with ATTITUDE!

After finishing a baby quilt last week, I must have had babies on the brain!  I thought how much fun it would be to tie dye  some baby clothes.

So I bought some "onesies", looked up how to tie dye a heart on the internet, mixed up some dye and off I went:
The colours are a little bright so I might do some with slightly more muted colours.

It will need a baby with real attitude to pull this outfit off!!

Happy Quilting!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Quilting Marathon

Yesterday was a 6 hours quilting marathon to sew a baby quilt for a friend.  The label will go on today and then it is finished.

On Mothers Day (last Sunday)  my darling husband and children bought me two great books.
Skydyes by Mickey Lawler
Traydyeing by Claire Benn & Leslie Morgan

so....earlier this week I also tried my hand at painting some fabrics.

Some of the colours are a little light and I have to watch that my horizon is straight and doesn't follow the curve of my hand!!!
Happy Quilting!!!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Kids Fabric Postcards

Today was a great day to get into the sewing room and make up a few more fabric postcards - kids ones.

Here they are:

I think they are pretty cute!

Happy Quilting

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Home made stamps

Today it was time to do some more fabric dyeing.  I lathered my hands in a good quality barrier cream before putting on my gloves so as to not end up with more dermatitis (thanks for the tip Dad!) .

Today I dyed 1/8 meter pieces in 8 step gradients of Grape, Fushia and Kelly Green.

Here are the results:

I also tried my hand at making my own stamps.  Stamps are expensive here in Singapore (as is nearly all crafting materials) and I had read online that one can carve your own stamps using rubbers (erasers) and a craft knife.

I bought a couple of super large rubbers at the local Daiso ($2) store and got carving.  These rubbers are quite thick so you can carve a stamp on both sides and they are large enough that they don't need to be mounted.
Leaf  stamp, grass stamp and star on reverse
Black fabric: silver and gold ink
White fabric : the three stamps in black ink
 I really like the silver on the black fabric, the gold was a little disappointing.

Happy Quilting!