Thursday, 3 May 2012

Home made stamps

Today it was time to do some more fabric dyeing.  I lathered my hands in a good quality barrier cream before putting on my gloves so as to not end up with more dermatitis (thanks for the tip Dad!) .

Today I dyed 1/8 meter pieces in 8 step gradients of Grape, Fushia and Kelly Green.

Here are the results:

I also tried my hand at making my own stamps.  Stamps are expensive here in Singapore (as is nearly all crafting materials) and I had read online that one can carve your own stamps using rubbers (erasers) and a craft knife.

I bought a couple of super large rubbers at the local Daiso ($2) store and got carving.  These rubbers are quite thick so you can carve a stamp on both sides and they are large enough that they don't need to be mounted.
Leaf  stamp, grass stamp and star on reverse
Black fabric: silver and gold ink
White fabric : the three stamps in black ink
 I really like the silver on the black fabric, the gold was a little disappointing.

Happy Quilting!

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