Thursday, 26 April 2012

More fabric Landscapes

Yesterday I found a matt and frame for my landscape picture:
Island Bay Beach, Wellington, New Zealand
These are photos printed onto fabric then machine embroidered
Today I started on another one - also a scene from New Zealand:
Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand (original pic)

I have started embroidering the snow and am now working on the tussocks in the front of the picture.
 (Check out that BEAUTIFUL BLUE Sky!!!!)

More photos of progress later

I have been looking for something more "Singapore" but its hard to find a picture that doesn't have buildings.  Maybe a nice orchid??

Oh and here are the two traditional  blocks I made for a friends birthday and a friend leaving:
Alisons Birthday Block
(made with my hand dyed fabrics)
Mels Block
Yesterday I also cut up one of my hand dyed fabrics and had a "play".

Not sure if I like this yet........

Happy Quilting!

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