Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Another Dyeing day

The last couple of days I haven't done much dyeing as I was finishing a friends quilt.  I really enjoyed finishing this other than I had a lot of trouble with my thread constantly breaking and breaking of sewing machine needles.  Spotlight didn't have my regular needles (schmetz) so I bought the Birch ones.  Boy did I ever regret that!

8 broken needles in  two weeks time!   Tomorrows job will be to find some proper needles!

Today I did another dyeing day seeing most of the tie dye from last week has already sold and it was a chance to test out the soda ash I bought.  I ripped up 15 yards of fabric and off I went.  Some of it is still washing and some will get washed later.

Tomorrow I will post the results......

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