Sunday, 30 November 2008

Holiday fun

This week was thanksgiving holidays - a new concept for a couple of kiwis in Singapore! This week we made some lovely boxes with the kids and we went and saw the madagascar 2 movie.

On Thursday morning my husband came home from business in India - thankfully he was in Bangalore and not Mumbai! Some of his work collegues also got stranded in Thailand and had to drive 16 hours to catch a plane home. Its quite an eye opener living and travelling in this part of the globe and realising how unstable some of the countries in the area are. Thankfully Singapore is stable although we have already noticed some increased security since Thursday.

On Friday we went ice skating with the kids at the Kallang Leisure centre. It was a really nice rink and the kids had fun even though the two youngest kids cant skate all that well yet. We had some yummy authentic chinese food for lunch.

Today we had a family game day. We played two games of barricade. They both lasted over an hour each game. The battle was fierce, alliances shattered, plenty of thrills and disappointments. In the end the "best man won" - namely my husband and myself. Its just as well our kids are good sports!!! What a great game!
Tomorrow the kids are back at school and no doubt things will be busy with christmas just around the corner. We did some christmas shopping this last week but I still have a whole list of things to get as well as some items for when we go home around christmas time. The kids are sooo looking forward to spending time in NZ and catching up with friends. Im sure that we have all changed since we have been away.
This week I am hoping to get on to my new sewing projects. I will keep you posted!!
Happy quilting

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