Thursday, 15 August 2013

Shibori Techniques

This week my kids FINALLY went back to school!!!  I love my kids but 10 weeks of school holidays puts a bit of a damper on any kind of creative expression.....Anyway back to it!!!

This week I am trying out some other shibori techniques, I have been watching you tube videos of how the masters do it in Japan.  If only my fingers were that nimble and quick!

Here a 1/4 metre was folded in half then machine sewn with large basting stitches.  The stitches were then pulled tight.

 This is a fat quarter which has been pleated then machine basted.

 This fat quarter was folded in four and hand basting in a wavy pattern.  The stitches were then gathered.  I have attached a chopstick to one side so that the threads wouldn't come undone and it gave me tension to pull the fabric tight. (sadly one of the rows came undone when the thread broke)  Its not a mistake - just a redesign!

With this piece I have marked two inch by two inch dots, add a bead under each dot and secure with thread.  I am sure the Japanese masters could have this finished in a matter of minutes but I have to be patient and it will take me a while.  I do find it relaxing though.

I hope to do some with clamps as well before I do the dyeing next week. I will post the results next week.

This week I also met the sister of one of my quilting friends and she has just been on a course on natural dyeing.  This is something I have been thinking about as I wonder how environmentally friendly the procion dyes are on the environment.  I would love to hear your thoughts about this.....

Happy Quilting!

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