Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Shibori Dyeing

After a week long family holiday in beautiful Vietnam, it was great to get back into dyeing some fabrics.  I had been given a plastic pvc pipe from the maintenance man at school and was ready to do some shibori dyeing.  (I think he must have thought I was a little mad asking for pvc pipe and rusty things!)

Wrap fabric around pipe together with  twine and scrunch to the end

Soak in Soda ash then paint on purple dye

Finished orange/purple

Finished white/purple
There is still more purple dye left so today I will be doing another batch.  Absolutely LOVE this technique and the results!

I was delighted at getting a pvc pipe from school and then yesterday I noticed the words on it.....

"Sewer Pipe"  Hmmmm.......

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