Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Going round in Circles!

There hasn't been much opportunity to sew much the last few days as general household things have gotten in the way.  I did manage to do some sewing today and here is a photo of the progress on the circles quilt.
Today I cut away the excess fabric (light squares) from the back of the quilt and added some more circles.  This is now ready to be made into the quilt sandwich and more circle quilting added.

Its been fun trying out some of the stitches on my machine that I normally don't use.

The "Geisha" quilt is still waiting for "tall, dark, handsome" to help me hang this up in the hallway.....

I've also joined the Artful Quilters Blog Ring.  Check out the link on the top right hand side of this blog to see some more great art quilts!

Today I also had my first "conversational mandarin" lesson.  I enjoyed the class but I know that it will be a challenging  language to learn!  Lots of practicing/homework before my next lesson on Thursday.

Until next time...happy quilting

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