Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Circles quilt

Not much to blog about today.  Had a slow start this morning....must have been the weather!  Big dark thunder storms this morning with lots of surface flooding on the roads.

My DH  (aka tall, dark, handsome) hung up my Geisha quilt in the hallway today.  Looks good but very small compared to the big white wall.

Added the batting to the circles quilt today but then found that the batting didn't want to flow smoothly through the machine and so the circles ended up wonky!

There is some unpicking to be done and then I will add the backing fabric first using the escape hatch method by Melody Johnston.  Hopefully this will then glide through the machine better.

Will keep you posted.....

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Lynne said...

I love to make my art quilts when it's stormy and raining outside. Seems to make me calm and serene inside and my creativity is better on these types of days. Make a stormy quilt! Lynne