Friday, 10 September 2010

Happy Birthday Misty!

Today is Misty's birthday.  Well actually it is the two year anniversary of when we picked her up from the SPCA and we couldn't have picked a sweeter dog. 

Today is Hari Raya in Singapore and we went to see the Presidential Palace (Istana) which held a open day today.  What a beautiful building on beautiful grounds and all in the central city district (it even has it's own golf course).  We are so glad that we went early because when we left the wait to get in was at least an hour long.
Brooke & Dad
There was also a big thunder storm brewing in the background and we left before we all got wet!

Last night I washed and dried all the fabric that I dyed yesterday and am very pleased with the outcome.

Now to think up a quilt to show off all those lovely bright colours!

Happy Quilting.....

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