Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Back in Singapore and back online

It has been ages since my last blog and that is not to say that I have been idling away the time.  The kids went back to school  last week and my mum in law left on Sunday night back to Holland so I am finding the house rather quiet during the day.  It's back to just me and Misty!  Misty has not been her usual bouncy self  the last couple of days and I suspect that she is missing Oma.

The last couple of weeks were busy with the kids in NZ (Brrr) and settling back into a normal routine in Singapore. While in NZ I took the girls to the bead shop in Petone and they spent a couple of hours making necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  It wasn't really Luke's thing so we went out for a drink at one of the nearby cafes. 

Making jewellery at Bead store

Celine managed to go horse riding again while we were home.  Sadly that is something that she is not able to do in Singapore so it was great for her to brush up her skills and even managed to do some jumps.

Luke spent an afternoon at the H20 pool with his friends Tim and Tim.  He also had his first ever sleep over at my sisters house and the next day she roped him into playing hockey.  He really enjoyed the game even though he wasn't really sure what to do and the other kids in the team were so supportive and encouraging!
It was great to watch him on the field although by the end of the game I couldn't feel my toes anymore due to the cold.

While in NZ I discovered the Edmonds Magic Pavlova mix.  It comes in a small plastic egg and all you have to do is add water and sugar.  Surely it couldn't be this easy?  Yep it was! and it was really yummy. I have bought a couple of them back to Singapore and I baked one up on Sunday.  Yum yum! Ok so the picture below is not actually the one I baked but I bet it tastes every bit as good!

Last week I also took Gysje to the Pottery Jungle here in Singapore.  If you are into pottery then this is the place to go. 

Today was the first time since June that I have been able to get behind the sewing machine to work on the Geisha quilt. My mum in law and I went to the quilt shop last week to pick up a new background fabric as we didn't like the one it came with. Hopefully it will get finished in the next week as I am looking forward to starting on something new. (and more exciting?!)

Well thats about all from my for now.....Happy quilting

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