Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Too busy sewing to blog!

I realise that it's been a couple of days since my last blog and that is because I have been so busy sewing and there just hasn't been enough time to blog about it.  On Monday I decided to tidy up the sewing room before starting sewing as it was just so messy that I couldn't find the things I needed.

I will be having a sales table at the upcoming Quilt Challenge held at the British Club on 25 October and I will be selling my postcards, christmas tree decorations and my hand dyed fabrics.

To date I have made 50 fabric postcards, 27 christmas tree ornaments and I still need to dye some more fabrics as I have sold most of the last batch I did.

These are the  christmas tree ornaments I made today:

There is also the rugby world cup on in New Zealand at the moment and so that has been busy with us having guests over to watch the games( funny how us being the only ones with the right cable channel suddenly makes you popular!)  We will be having more guests this weekend to watch the NZ vs Australia game.  Go New Zealand!!!!!

Yesterday was a break from the sewing machine and meet up with our ANZA quilting group.  My friend Ada from Canada was also there and she lent me the book she has written called "Crazy about Quilting - confessions of an average quilter" by Ada Moyle.

I really enjoying reading this book (so much so that we had to order pizza for dinner!)
This is a great book and sure to put a smile on any quilters face!
Today is also our 20th wedding anniversary and my husband and I are celebrating by going out for dinner.  I hope it stops raining before then.

Anyway thats all for now

Happy quilting!

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