Tuesday, 25 October 2011

British Club Quilt Challenge Singapore 2011

Today was the long awaited British Club Quilt Challenge 2011.
This is the one time of year that all the quilters from the various quilting groups in Singapore come together and have a quilt challenge/luncheon.

The quilts were absolutely beautiful and really showcased the quilting talent here in Singapore.

There is a slideshow available by clicking on the link below:

British Club Quilt Challenge Singapore 2011

This year I didn't enter a quilt but I did have a stall selling my hand dyed fabrics, fabric postcards and christmas tree tags.  I sold several items and received plenty of positive feedback as well as making plenty of new friends!

Thank you especially to my friend Kim (left) who came and helped me today as well as helping me last week with the display!

Thank you also to all those that organised today's event!

see you again next year!

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