Thursday, 13 October 2011

Hijacked by a snake!!!

I had big plans to achieve great things in the sewing room today ....

and then Gina found a snake in the garden!
A Paradise Tree snake
We called the pest control but by the time they came the snake was long gone.They tell me the paradise tree snake is only midly venomous.  Not that this really makes me feel any better about having a snake in my garden!

Anyway after lunch I did manage to get into the sewing room and make my chinese character christmas tree tags.

I have run out of fabric printer sheets so I thought I would try my hand at printing directly onto the fabric.

I ironed freezer paper to the back of the fabric and cut it to A4 size.  I then glued the top of the freezer paper to a piece of A4 printer paper to help the printer feed it through.  I checked for any loose threads and carefully pushed  the print button.  I was very happy with the results and here are the finished tags.

Thanks to my friend Jan who helped me with the translation.

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