Friday, 26 October 2012

Birthday blocks!

My last post was about the British Club Challenge - and for those that would like to see photos of the quilts, check out the ANZA Quilters.

This Sunday it is my birthday and the ladies from the ANZA Quilt group surprised me on Tuesday with Birthday blocks that they had made in my favourite colours.

LOVE the black white and red!
Thank you all for the lovely blocks - can't wait to put them together!

Last Saturday we had our school carnival and my friend Jesse made this gorgeous quilt for the raffles.....

and Guess Who won the raffle!!!!!!!
Isn't this fabulous!

The last couple of weeks I had been trying to do some more fabric bleaching with a clorox bleach pen without much success.  I have done this before and it worked great but this time the bleach just dried on the fabric and nothing else.

I went and bought a new bleach pen and it worked wonderfully.  Maybe the bleach was just too old?

I will do a few more and then overdye them next time I do some dyeing.

Happy Quilting!

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