Monday, 8 October 2012

The last of the fabric dyeing

Today I used up some of the dye that was left over from the dyeing session last week with my friend Jesse.

It seemed a good time to try some "dip" dyeing as this is something I have not done yet.

Set up 3 dye baths, Turquiose, Fushia and Lemon Yellow

Dip one end of a piece of fabric into the Turquiose ( about 2/5th of the way up the fabric)

Then dip the same end into the Fushia ( about 1/5th of the way up the fabric)

Dip the other end into the Fushia  ( about 2/5th of the way up the fabric)

Lastly dip the middle into the yellow covering some of the Turquiose and the Fushia.

You should end up with 6 colours:

Purple,Turquiose, Green, Yellow,Orange and Fushia

Lay flat to dry (I also added some black to the dyes for the last one to give muddier colours)

I also did some gradient (light to dark) with the Turquiose and the Fushia

Can't wait to see how these look when they are dry.  

Sadly that is the last of the fabric - I have to wait for new stock to arrive.

I REALLY wish I could get this PFD Pimatex here.  It is made in Malaysia (right next door) but I end up having to buy it via the USA and pay for lots of shipping.  Somehow, that just seems wrong !

Happy Quilting!

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