Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Friends to Dye with! - Ice Dyes

My friend Jesse came over today to do some fabric dyeing:

First we did 12 clear colour fat quarters.  These ones were given lots of "massaging" in the bag so as to get a more even colour and less mottling.

Next we did the "ice" dyeing - I have always loved what quilters in snowy climates could do with snow dyes but as there is no snow in Singapore, ice cubes would have to do:

Fabric on cake rack with ice on top

Sprinkle dye powder on top and wait for ice to melt (it was 38 deg today)

Love the texture on these
Next we did the "shibori" dyeing on the pvc pipe:

Fushia, orange, yellow and black

And lastly some green/black gradiants and a fushia/black piece:

What a great day - we gots lots done and it was great fun but boy was it hot in the kitchen!

I think next time we will close the outside doors and crank the aircon in the lounge up and hope some of the cool wafts into the kitchen.

Happy quilting! 

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