Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Dyeing (to have cool air)

I havent been able to work in the sewing room as 5 of our airconditioners broke down last week so yesterday seemed like a great day to do the dyeing that I have been meaning to do since July.

I dyed a set of 12 muted dark rainbow colours as well as 12 muted light rainbow colours.  While preparing the light colours they seemed very disappointing but once they had cured and dried the colours were very nice.
Muted colours light & dark
Also overdyed the two fabrics that Gina and I used the bleach pen on.  One we overdyed red and the other yellow.  The colours really came out well.
Discharged fabric overdyed with red
I also tried a shibori technique on a pale yellow fabric that I had dyed a while back but never really liked the colour of.  The 1/2 meter fabric was folded double lengthwise and a seam sewed down one side to make a tube.  It was then pushed onto a tennis ball container scrunching the fabric up and securing with rubberbands. Purple  dye was added and left to dry.
Shibori (not yet washed and ironed)
It was great experimenting with the colours and different techniques.  I definately think I will do the shibori and the discharge again.

The aircon guys have been and we have cool air again!  Yippee!

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Philippa said...

Fabulous dyeing - very impressed. Makes me tempted to try for myself. I have always avoided as I think it will be something else to keep me away from actually getting quilts made. That and the fear I would only come up with mud covered cloth!

Don't melt in the heat!