Monday, 26 September 2011

Blue skies and clean green air!

The last 10 days I have been in Wellington, New Zealand visiting my parents and to celebrate my Dad's birthday.  It was a very busy 10 days but it was wonderful catching up with family and friends.

This is a picture of Mum and Dad's motorhome but what I really want you to see is that BEAUTIFUL clear blue sky!  Oh how I have missed clear blue skies, fresh clean air and hillsides covered in native trees! 
Here is a view from Wellington Harbour taken from the Maungaraki hills.

There was major Rugby world cup fever in New Zealand and rugby was everywhere you went.

I am back in Singapore now and enjoying being back with my own family and the warmer weather.

Somehow though, I will always be a "Wellington Girl" at heart!


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One Little Thread said...

yes, I know what you mean about blue skies and clean air!