Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Christmas Cards galore!

Yippee, today I spent the day back in the sewing room.  It seems like ages since I have done any sewing althought it is only 2 weeks.  It time to start thinking about Christmas  and Christmas cards:

7 Cards in one day, I was "smokin" today!

I started on a new roll of fusible web today that I bought online (wonder under) and I had nothing but problems with it.  I've used fusibles for years now and never had any issues until today.  The backing just wouldn't peel away nicely and then it started to bubble the fabric.  Grrr. 

It had better behave tomorrow or I'm throwing it in the bin and heading off to spotlight!

Today I've also been in contact with the British Club who are holding a quilt challenge in November and I have booked a table where I can sell my cards and hand dyed fabric.

See you there!

Happy Quilting!

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