Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Hi and Merry Christmas everyone,

Today we have had a relatively quiet christmas dinner (lunch) at home. The kids were busy playing with their christmas presents. Luke spent a good part of the morning setting up his lego set. He is getting really good at building lego. Now him and Dad are building a balloon powered jet robot.

Yesterday Wim and I baked our first pavalova - a traditional dessert from New Zealand. Our first attempt didnt work out too well and after a quick phone call to mum in NZ, we tried it again. The second attempt looks good and after we dress it (with cream and strawberries ) we will take it along to our friends house tonight. I hope it tastes as good as it looks.
Christmas in Singapore is a strange affair. The road workers were in full swing this morning resealing the road and painting the traffic islands. Most shops in the malls were open and tomorrow (boxing day) is also a working day. At least we will have the day off.
Seasons greetings
Marianne, Willem, Brooke, Celine & Luke

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Brooke said...

I didn't know you were here for the Holiday! We also have construction workers going on our street. So strange.
I've had mixed luck with pavlova, too. I don't know if I would attempt it here in my tiny oven with the humidity, but yours looked great!
Merry Christmas, Marianne!