Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy new year to you all and we wish you God's blessing on you and your family for the coming year!

We have been home in New Zealand for just over a week and this last week has been action packed! My "to do" list seemed very long but we have managed to most things that we needed to. It's been wonderful to catch up with all our old friends and its been nice being back in familiar territory and the lovely weather here has just made it extra special. My parents and sister arrived back on Saturday from holiday and we had a lovely dinner together on Sunday. This is a photo of our old house. Very spacious and Luke has been playing cricket on the lawn. Very kiwi!
We also stayed a night at Paraparaumu Beach at a friends house (they were on holiday and offered us their house). It was lovely walking along the beach and eating icecream.
The girls are away at camp for the week in Cambridge (just south of Hamilton) and Luke is loving all the attention he has been getting. The kids have all had the opportunity to catch up with old school friends. I am looking forward to going to the Wellington Quilters Guild meeting on Thursday night. I have really missed my quilting friends here even though I have made new quilting friends both in Singapore and via the internet. (You can never have too many quilting friends!)
Its hard to believe that our time here is nearly over - two weeks seems incredibly short. I guess we can't stay on holiday forever and coming home for a few weeks was just what the doctor ordered. I am starting to miss the warm weather and especially my dog Misty. I hear she is having a great time at my friends house and that is nice to hear. I do hope she will still want to come home! The kids have all had a wonderful time here. Well thats all from us.
I wish you all a prosperous and blessed year for 2009.


Brooke said...

Sounds like a wonderful time, Marianne, albeit a bit short. That's the problem with "going home" - it's good to be in familiar places, but hard to leave.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Marianne. I found your blog very interesting. I am a Canadian quilter/writer who will be visiting my daughter and son-inlaw in Singapore in February. I would very much like to meet with other quilters there. I am wondering if you know of any quilting groups that I could contact? Incidentally, my son-in-law was born in Wellington, NZ.
For more about me (or to contact me) check my blog