Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Art Class Finale

Today was our final art class. I finished off the sunset with the palm tree and also fixed up the picture of the fire hydrant. Its still not quite right but it is an improvement on what is was. I really enjoyed the class and I learnt heaps...Thanks a million Ms Gorman!!!!! Cant wait to do another class next year.

The kids have their last couple of days of school before the christmas break and they are really looking forward to the holidays.

Yesterday I finished off my NZ quilt top and I will be taking it to NZ with me to have it long arm quilted by a friend. The adjustments to the jeans I made are finished and they fit a lot better now. Now that my UFO's (unfinished objects) are done, I am looking forward to getting into some creative quilting after christmas. My head is full of ideas and I cant wait to get started on some of them!
Well thats all for another week - thank you to all those who have left comments. I really appreciate your thoughts and I find it a real encouragement. Thanks and merry christmas!

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