Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Busy as a bee

Wow what a busy week!
My husband was away visiting family in Holland and he returned today. The kids had a day off on Monday being Hari Raja and we spent most of the weekend making christmas scarves for the elementary christmas programme. We cut up 10 yards of christmas fabric into 3 1/2 strips and sewed them down one side. They were then turned right way out and ironed. We managed to cut and sew about 100-110 in one weekend. Celine was zooming away on the sewing machine (man she speeds!) , Brooke did the turning and I was left with ironing. We have since outsourced some to other mothers at school. It was fun to do together although on top of everything else that needs doing at christmas, it was a bit hectic. (maybe I shouldnt take so much on!!!)
We also made a really cute frog box for Lukes teacher who is leaving to go back to Australia. She is crazy about frogs (FROG fully rely on God!) and we just happened to find some really cute frog fabric. I hope she likes it.
I finished my jeans that I was making with my friend Henny and I even got to wear them today. They look good but I do think that I will need to take them in as they are a bit wide on the legs. My next project is to finish that quilt that has been hiding in my cupboard for the last couple of months.

Today I went to my art class at school and finished another picture. The sky was a lot of fun to do, the black got a bit messy. Im obviously not one of these people that can stay clean while drawing. I am really enjoying this class.

The end of the year is fast approaching and thats always the time that you look back and see what has happened over the last year. This year we have shifted countries, encountered different cultures and people. The kids have done so well adjusting to their new environment and school. They have all achieved good grades and made friends here. Willem started a new job and has been travelling to some new and interesting countries.
I have made some good friends, both at school and in the condo that we live in. These are people that have made the transition here so much easier and I am thankful for their friendship and support.
Most people here are travelling home for the holidays and our family is also looking forward to spending some time with family in NZ.
Well thats all from us


Brooke said...

Well I am so impressed with your drawing - at first glance I thought it was a photo! What is the medium you are using? I was taught that hairspray can make a fine fixative to keep from smudging things. Way to go!

Marianne Bos said...

It is oil pastels. Im not sure if hairspray can be used as a fixative. I will ask at class tomorrow.