Saturday, 23 February 2013

My Website is UP Giveaway!

Yes Folks!  My new Website is up and running:

Here you can find:

 beautiful Hand dyes, Shirbori Dyes, Tie Dyes,Ice Dyes, Distressed, Rusted and Discharged Fabrics

Leave me a message telling me what you think of my site
 and I will send the first 2 people to reply a fat quarter of 
one of these ice dyed fabrics!

A Huge Big Thank you to Seth from Plectrum Communications for all his hard work - It looks great!

p.s There is also a link on the side bar

Friday, 22 February 2013

Ice Dyes

Nearly all the of ice dyes I did last week have sold so yesterday I set up new batches.

I have decided to work smarter (not harder) and do one colour-way at a time rather than mixing a whole lot of colours and worrying about whether they will look ok (I actually like the "surprise" factor!)

Here are the Turquoise/Cerulean Blue and Cobalt blue:

These would be great for skies, seas, water or background. Would look great in applique too. Blue is my favourite colour so I really love these!  I have 4 meters (16 metric fat 1/4's)  so either email me or check out my new website:

The next batch is Chinese Red, Orange and Golden Yellow:

This would be great for applique,  traditional piecing or a bright coloured background. I love these warm colours!

I have 4 metres (12 metric fat 1/4's) so either email me or check out my new website:

                                                         Jokamamo Textiles

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Another sneak preview/Arab Street

I had a great start to the day and got sewing early on my latest project - It is really humming along! (you can just spy it on the right hand side!)

Misty, was her usual supportive self

Later my friend Jesse and I headed down to Arab Street to check out some of my favourite shops.  I needed to buy some "bling" for my challenge quilt for the art quilts around the world group.  The theme for this month is "Carnival" and I have already decided what to do and how.  

We had a great time checking out the shops - you know that you go too often when they give your friend a discount due to me being a "regular"!

We also went and ate at my favourite Lebanese restaurant.  Yummy!!!

This week I will also make some more ice dyes as the last batch has flown out the door!  I guess that's a good "problem" to have! 


Monday, 18 February 2013

a Sneak preview!

Here is a sneak preview of what I am currently working on:

Last Friday I spent the day at my friend Jesse's house (together with my sewing machine) and put the background of this together.

It was just the push (kick up the butt) I needed to get started on this as I had been putting it off. We have to do this more often!

Today I have been fusing the pieces on and started with the blanket stitch around the edges. (machine, of course!)

It's amazing how much you can get done if only you start!!!

Tomorrow is ANZA Quilt group and sewing classes at school.  The girls are all doing well and the new students will earn their sewing machine license this week (both Tuesday and Thursday class)

Wednesday, I think I might head to Arab Street to find some sparkly, blingy things for the next challenge of

Hope it doesn't rain! Can't wait to go to my favourite Lebanese restaurant for lunch!  Yum!

Time now though, for a cup of tea and some tiger balm - am feeling like I am 90 years old today!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Ice dyeing

This week was the Chinese Lunar New Year and so we had a couple of days off. This was a much needed break in our house as we have had sick kids all of last week!  Thankfully they are all well again and are off to school today.

This weekend I finally started cutting up the 400+ yards of fabric that I got in January and got stuck into some dyeing.

First up - Ice dyeing

I love the textures in these - they would be great for applique, backgrounds or piecing.

Most people do these with snow during winter but living in Singapore means you just have to adapt and use ice cubes instead.  At least I don't have to wait long for the ice to melt!

Next up:  12 meters of fabric dyed into 12 dark muted colours.  Today's job is ironing and cutting them into fat quarters.

Thankfully it was not so hot yesterday and with the fan on I managed to keep the temperature in the kitchen to a balmy 28 deg. celsius!  Great for the weight loss!

so dyeing 60 fat quarters in a weekend.....not too shabby!

Happy Quilting

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Winner of 200th Post Giveaway

Thank you everyone that replied to my 200th Post Giveaway.

I had great fun looking up all the Art Quilters that have inspired you -

Laura and Linda Kenstall
Wendy Butler Berns
Valori Wells
Pat Pauly
Elaine Quehl
Elizabeth Barton
Hollis Chatelain
Caryl Fallert

Every now and again it is good to see what others are doing (and how) to get the creative juices flowing.  My head is now crammed with cool ideas!  Thank you

The winners of the 200th Post Giveaway are:

12 Light coloured fat quarters - Hueisei

4 ice dyed fat quarters - Laura

Congratulations! and I will email you both to get your postal address.

Also this week I completed my challenge quilt for the group - art quilts around the world:

The challenge was to make a portrait and make it no bigger than A3 size.
Check out the other cool portraits too......

The combination of Christmas, going home to NZ and guests meant that I procrastinated over this project until the 30th of Jan (due the 31st) but I did get it done on time.  Funny how working to a deadline is usually a good incentive!

Fusible applique, machine embroidery, machine quilted.  It has peltex inside rather than batting to make it stiffer.  Loved using the New Zealand fabric to represent my "kiwi" ness!

Here is a sneak preview of my next project......

Happy Quilting everyone!