Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Ice dyeing

This week was the Chinese Lunar New Year and so we had a couple of days off. This was a much needed break in our house as we have had sick kids all of last week!  Thankfully they are all well again and are off to school today.

This weekend I finally started cutting up the 400+ yards of fabric that I got in January and got stuck into some dyeing.

First up - Ice dyeing

I love the textures in these - they would be great for applique, backgrounds or piecing.

Most people do these with snow during winter but living in Singapore means you just have to adapt and use ice cubes instead.  At least I don't have to wait long for the ice to melt!

Next up:  12 meters of fabric dyed into 12 dark muted colours.  Today's job is ironing and cutting them into fat quarters.

Thankfully it was not so hot yesterday and with the fan on I managed to keep the temperature in the kitchen to a balmy 28 deg. celsius!  Great for the weight loss!

so dyeing 60 fat quarters in a weekend.....not too shabby!

Happy Quilting

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