Friday, 22 February 2013

Ice Dyes

Nearly all the of ice dyes I did last week have sold so yesterday I set up new batches.

I have decided to work smarter (not harder) and do one colour-way at a time rather than mixing a whole lot of colours and worrying about whether they will look ok (I actually like the "surprise" factor!)

Here are the Turquoise/Cerulean Blue and Cobalt blue:

These would be great for skies, seas, water or background. Would look great in applique too. Blue is my favourite colour so I really love these!  I have 4 meters (16 metric fat 1/4's)  so either email me or check out my new website:

The next batch is Chinese Red, Orange and Golden Yellow:

This would be great for applique,  traditional piecing or a bright coloured background. I love these warm colours!

I have 4 metres (12 metric fat 1/4's) so either email me or check out my new website:

                                                         Jokamamo Textiles

Happy Quilting!

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Nina Marie said...

These are wonderful! I would like to invite you to join us in my blog's link up Off the Wall Friday - where art quilters share their creative posts for the week. We find it inspiring, as well as motivational.