Saturday, 23 February 2013

My Website is UP Giveaway!

Yes Folks!  My new Website is up and running:

Here you can find:

 beautiful Hand dyes, Shirbori Dyes, Tie Dyes,Ice Dyes, Distressed, Rusted and Discharged Fabrics

Leave me a message telling me what you think of my site
 and I will send the first 2 people to reply a fat quarter of 
one of these ice dyed fabrics!

A Huge Big Thank you to Seth from Plectrum Communications for all his hard work - It looks great!

p.s There is also a link on the side bar


OneLittleThread said...

Congratulations ! The website looks fantastic

Jim Rowe said...

Congratulations Marianne, your website looks amazing. Very bright and colourful. Wishing you all the best on yet another venture. Vicki

Marty Mason said...

Your website is soooooo great. Love it.