Sunday, 31 March 2013

Carnival Challenge Finished! - and with time to spare!

Yes it's true!  I have finished a challenge quilt with time to spare!

This is a challenge from the art quilters around the world group and the theme for Feb/March was "Carnival"

This quilt had been up on my design wall half finished for a couple of weeks and I just wasn't getting anywhere.  On Friday a group of my quilting friends from ANZA Quilters got together to do some sewing and their advice (kick up the butt)  was great and enabled me to finally finish the piece - and with time to spare.
"Carnival 2013"

Quilting detail

quilting detail
I know that some people are well organised and plan everything months in advance and that works well for them -  but when it comes to quilting, pressure and deadlines work wonders for me!

These pieces are quite manageable at A4 size and there is a new challenge every two months.  The next challenge for April/May is "Out of Asia"  Hmm think I will have plenty of inspiration living in Singapore!

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Happy Quilting!

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