Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Basting disaster!

Yesterday I spent the day working on my quilt.  I had been to Spotlight last Friday and bought a can of basting spray.

I have used basting spray for many years and think it is a great product - JUST NOT THIS ONE!

Lots of smell and mess and not a lot of sticking!

This will have to go in the "rubbish" pile right next to the birch sewing machine needles!  Lesson learnt!

But there is an up side - I put the quilt on the table, aircon on full blast and basted by hand.  Much better!

Then up to the sewing room and started machine quilting:

Sneak preview
I felt GREAT at the end of the day with how much I had done!

Today is a "rest" day e.g ibuprofen and tiger balm.  Oh the things we endure for the love of quilting!

And.....this morning I woke up to a message that I had sold more of my yummy ice dyes online.


Happy Quilting!

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