Monday, 28 March 2011

So much to tell.....

Last week was an incredibly busy week.  We had friends Ron and Wendy come from New Zealand to visit (for Wendys 40th birthday) and the kids had a week school holidays.

On Monday my husband, son Luke and daughter Celine and I  finally went and visited Universal studios here in Singapore on Sentosa Island.  The weather was perfect as it was not too hot.  We went on a couple of the rides but we all gave the huge rollercoasters a miss.  Brooke was at home busy making a gezillion cupcakes for a school fundraiser.

We sent Brooke off shopping with Wendy on Thursday and I went to the water treatment plant with Ron as that is his line of work.  It was really interesting and seeing I'm not much of a shopper (except for fabric) it was a good solution. During the week we ate at a couple of local hawker centers which is much much cheaper than any of the hotels.  (and pretty yummy too) Friday we all chilled out at the beach on Sentosa.  Misty came along too and is really getting the hang of swimming in the sea.

Misty at least was smart enough NOT to get sunburned....unlike the rest of us.

Friday night, Ron and Wendy took us out for dessert and drinks at the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands.  The view was spectucular although it was VERY VERY high.  Dessert was yummy and even more yummy was the Cloudy Bay Dessert wine that was given to us by the staff.

We sat way up at the top!

Today everything was back to normal. (what's normal?!) I started off the morning with a long walk to get rid of all those extra kilos that I accumulated last week.  Then it was back into the sewing room to work on my new project (not yet finished).  This is a project from Gloria Loughmans book. I am hoping to also do a version in red and in blue.

Well I think we are all up to date again.....happy quilting!

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