Thursday, 31 March 2011

Seeing Red!

Early this morning (9.30am)  I visited my local quilt store to get the red fabrics for my latest project.  Lucky for me, they were having a sale and I picked up some lovely fabrics.

I also bought my darned quilt in to show and Brigette offered to hang it on display in the shop.  Yeah!
Then, at 10.15am  it was off to Ikea to buy some more yummy Ikea meatballs.  I was so pleased to have achieved two things all before morning tea time.  Oh how I wish more shops would open early in Singapore!

This afternoon I finished my very first fabric postcard.  Not the most exciting but for my first one I thought it was a reasonable effort.  Something makes me think that this postcard thing could get rather addictive!

April is birthday month in our household.  Celine is having her birthday on Saturday, hubby next Wednesday and Brooke on the 17th.  That is not including all the brother inlaws and sisters, sister in laws and nieces that are also having birthdays in the month of April.

Happy Quilting!


Janine said...


I was searching for quilting in Singapore and I stumbled across your blog! I'm really new to quilting - as in, I don't even know where to get fabric and how to start. I was just wondering if you could give me a few pointers as to where to start? For instance, where can you get fabric for quilting (other than Spotlight?) and do you know of any classes/websites that might be helpful for a novice?

I've searched online and my mind boggles with all the results!

Thanks so much Marianne :)

Marianne Bos said...

Hi Janine, Welcome to quilting! There are two quilt shops in Singapore: Quilts and friends is at Tan Boon Liat Building and Quilts n calicos at Tanglin Mall. Both do classes. The ANZA quilt group meet every tuesday morning at Hogs Breath Cafe at Chijmes. Come along and meet a great group of quilters. You can contact me on 97378697 for more information.