Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Nearly finished

This week I have been busy working on a "modesty cover" for the lecturn in our old church in Wellington and it is nearly finished. 
I had originally bought the larger gold trim (in top right hand corner) but this was so damaged by lying in the shop that I was not able to use it.  No amount of retwisting or ironing could fix the damage.  Why dont they just store it better!!! This new trim I was lucky enough to find a brand new roll (plastic still on it) and as soon as I had bought it I rolled it nicely onto a piece of folded up paper I had in the car.

The trim just needs to be attached and it is finished and can hopefully go back to NZ with our guests that are coming on Friday. It is made from thick velvet which was harder to sew than I thought. 

This is the last of the "must do" projects and then I want to start on a new project....problem is ....too many ideas....which one to do first?

The kids have a weeks holiday next week for spring break so it will be busy.

Today though, I am off to the ANZA quilt group and get to show off my darned quilt.  Yeah!

Happy Quilting!

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