Friday, 16 November 2012

dyed fabric wallet/rusted fabrics

The other day I did some more fabric rusting with the items I begged from the local bike shop.  I had the cogs for a while but it took a while to get the pieces apart.  (Thanks to our visitor Jan and my hubby for the brute strength)

Rusted bike chain
Tuesday was a public holiday in Singapore (Deepavali) and so the kids had the day off.  My daughter Brooke and I spent the day making a purse from the fabric she dyed last week.

It's nice to see the hand dyed fabrics being made into something rather than looking pretty on my shelf!

Definitely will be doing more of these!

Happy Quilting!


Nina Marie said...

Ohhhh I love this - I think rust for surface designing i so interesting. I would like to invite you to join us at my blog link up - Off the Wall Friday - where we post quilt art posts of the week. We find it encouraging and motivating to blog every week!

Sande said...

The purse looks great! I've wanted to try rust dying but haven't yet. Yours looks good and should be an interesting pattern in something.

Lynn Cohen said...

Love the chain rust it looks like a Rorschach test! And that wallet is a beauty!