Monday, 26 November 2012

Cool bag for a hot iron

I love teaching sewing classes at school but one of the issues I have at the end of the lesson is what to do with a hot iron.

My friend Kate had this cool bag that when unfolded is an ironing mat and folded is a holder for a hot iron.

I borrowed it from her and made my own one:

Kate's bag is the red one and mine is the black one

Unfolded, it's an ironing mat

sides held closed with velcro
I had a quick look at Spotlight for the heat resistant fabric but it was quite pricey so I bought a cheap ironing mat from Daiso ($2 shop) and that did the trick too!

Thanks for the great idea Kate!

p.s I have my 200th blog post coming up so watch this space for something special!

Happy Quilting!

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