Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Graceful Geisha

Today I managed to work on my Geisha quilt.  This is a pattern from Lonni Rossi that I have had sitting in the cupboard for ages.  It still needs another background and plenty of stitching.  This is to hang up in the very empty hallway of our new abode.   As much as I have enjoyed the making the horse quilt (pattern by Toni Whitney) and this one, I still feel like I want to  be doing my own designs. Finish this first and then I can get my creative juices flowing.

No More Buying Quilt Kits!!!!!

Over the weekend I also managed to make and hang a design wall in my new sewing room.

A trip to the library over the weekend with the kids also meant that I could get some books out about fabric new favourite hobby.  Found some interesting pages on marbelling fabrics using shaving cream, batik and  shibori dyeing.  I think that might be next weeks project!  Ohh I am just soo excited!

will keep you posted....

My apologies for the photo...not sure why it is on it's side...will have to ask the technical dept!

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