Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Going orange!

Today I took a break from working on the Geisha quilt and decided to try my hand at dyeing some orange fabric.  A friend of mine had given me some samples of orange that she needed. (see below)

Orange sample
These are my results today. (top row)  A think it has too much red and not enough yellow but I will have to wait to try again until a new batch of dye arrives next week
The bottom fabrics are dyed using the same dye as the top fabrics but this was dyed on fabric that I sourced locally.  The man assured me that it was 100% cotton and that I would be able to dye it. ("yes yes can!")Well all I ended up with was 5 shades of Blah!

It was heartbreaking seeing all my lovely  (and costly) dye disappearing down the sink!  Moral of the story.....Buy from a reputable source!

Friday is a public holiday here (Vesak Day) and the kids have a day off school.   If we have time we might try our hand at marbelling fabric using shaving cream.  It will have to be yellow, blues and green as the red is all gone.  Will let you know how it goes......

On a brighter note, my parents are coming in less than two weeks! I am looking forward to spending time with them and showing them around Singapore. Im sure they could use some warm weather too!


Diana Parkes said...

Dyeing fabric that is not the right fibre is a real pain. We have all done it! And it is always afterwards that we realise we should have done a burn test first, just to eliminate any doubts. Pity we don't think of that first!

Jolanda said...

Hey sis, from here it looks okay but I guess it depends on what you were wanting to achieve. Having done tie dying with the kids a number of years ago, the results were always pot luck and exciting.