Sunday, 22 November 2009

Ahh much better!

I wasn't completely happy with the Marina Bay Bridge quilt.  I had finished it using the "escape hatch" method and it just didnt quite look right.  Guess that is what you get when you are just pushing to get something finished without thinking it through properly.

Last night was spent unpicking....and lamenting the use of the transparent thread! 

Adding a black border with a red line of stitching was just what this quilt needed.

Note for next time....listen to those people around you that say it needs a black  border with a thin red edging! 

Now to update the photos on my etsy page too.....


Michele said...

Gorgeous!! I also love your Tree and Beach quilts.

Fabulous work.

Diana Parkes said...

I finish a piece several times Marianne, sometimes 3 or 4 times! Something keeps drawing me back to tweak it and it usually works. Well done.