Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Back home again

Well Im back home again in Singapore after spending 10 days in Wellington, New Zealand for my parents 45th wedding anniversary.  It was lovely being back in Wellington and in familiar surroundings.  What a lot of changes since January!

It was great to catch up with all my family and friends!  The weather was a little chillier than I am now used to, but Wellington did put up 2 really beautiful days for me.  I had bought plenty of warm clothes to wear so it wasnt too bad.

These two photos were taken at Island Bay.  I did take them from the warmth of my sisters car but it was still beautiful....and not a high rise building in sight!

I gave the "tree quilt" to my parents for their anniversary and the "beach" quilt went to my sister, Jolanda.

Today I was straight back into the swing of things! We took  a group of elderly from Chinatown  to "Quilts and Friends" - one of our local quilt shops for morning tea.  They really enjoyed the trip and were even given a small quilting project to take home with them.  One of the uncles even bought some bright colourful fabric for a new shirt....maybe I could teach him how to sew it himself!  A big thank you to "Quilts and Friends" for a lovely morning and putting a smile on the aunties and uncles faces!

Well thats all from me - my eyes are starting to droop. I guess thats what you get when you are wide awake at 4am.  Isn't jetlag great!
Happy Quilting


Diana Parkes said...

Warm and sunny these last few days here in Wellington!

Marianne Bos said...

Isnt that just typical! The sun comes out when I leave....it sure was lovely to be home for a little while!

Marlini Ridlis Ismail said...

hey marianne, its always feel good to be home... and my! ur hometown is beautiful.