Tuesday, 20 October 2009

shop til you drop in Houston!

The International Quilt Festival Houston is officially over.  What an overwhelming week!  It took Hennie and I 4 days to get from one end of the convention centre to the other!  We found the food hall only on the 3rd day...how could we have missed that?!

There was just soo much to see and the fabrics and the notions available was just mind boggling! We both did our best on the shopping front!  Here is just a few of our spoils....

The quilts on display were just fantastic.  It was nice to see so many contempory quilts as well as the more traditional ones.

On Saturday we went to the Applique workshop.  Here we got the chance to spend 15 minutes with 6 different tutors that explained the different methods of doing applique, from fusible to more traditional applique.  I got to meet Charlotte Warr Andersen which was a real thrill as I have been a fan of her work for some time.  The day before I got to meet Esterita Austin  (another favourite artist of mine)

Yesterday Hennie and I did the Accidental landscapes class with Karen Eckmeier.  Karen wasnt there as she has been in hospital recently and was not able to come to festival but she had organised a replacement.  The class was still great and we both made a nice beach landscape.  We really enjoyed working with all the embellishments.  We didnt get it finished so we have been trying to hand sew this in our room....with a beading needle that keeps bending! (bought some proper needles today)

Note for next time...sign up for more classes!

Today we had a day set aside for sightseeing...but there is nothing to see in Houston (so say the taxi drivers, the hotel staff and the information centre)  Well, only the space centre and that doesnt really interest us.  Getting around Houston without a car is pretty difficult and the taxis are not like singapore where you just need to raise your arm and one screeches to a halt next to you.  Not as cheap either!

So what are two girls alone in Houston to do?  Go to the Hobby Lobby of course!  We spent 2.5 hours there just looking at all the goodies there.  Maybe its just as well that there is a weight limit on what we can take back with us!

We have had a great week here.Texas is soo different to singapore in every way.  Everything here is BIG, the cars, the food portions, the shops, everything is soo spread out. I  havent mastered the art of "tipping" yet? That is such a strange concept for us.

I would love to come back next year but we will see...... we are both now looking forward to getting home , seeing the husband/s and family and getting some much needed rest.

Happy quilting everyone!

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